I Got Banned from Posting Comments in Etoro and TradingView

Here are the things to avoid being banned in the future.

Photo by Tech Daily on Unsplash

I’m the type of person who loves to post on any trading platform — whether it’s my investment and trading style, what I think about assets, and what my trading plan is.

I always end my post with three things:

  1. Not a financial advise
  2. Always trade at your own risk
  3. Do your own research.

I thought I was careful. I always keep in mind not to post anything about what asset to buy, hold, or sell. I post about what I know about a certain asset and my trading point of view.

Today, I woke up with two emails:

Email From ETORO


The eToro platform and feed is a place for traders and copiers to share information and learn from each other. To ensure the atmosphere remains enjoyable, and the content is valuable to all, we created a set of guidelines for the eToro community which has been accessible to all.

If a user violates the terms stated in these guidelines, we are obliged to take certain measures accordingly.

In light of this, you have been blocked from posting on the eToro feed due to Solicitation and Spamming the aggressive nature of your responses towards community members.

Email from TradingView

You have received a warning for violating our House Rules. You are not banned, you may be if you violate the rules again. More info — https://www.tradingview.com/house-rules/

What did I do?

  1. I posted a link related to another exchange.

I am a person who diversifies my investment into different exchanges, and I have posted links from that exchange to another exchange.

2. I posted a link WITH A REFERRAL from a certain exchange

I thought I was clever in posting a broker with a link referral to another broker because I got accustomed to posting my referral link on my YouTube account. I even mentioned that ‘you don’t have to use my referral, you can go to …. (direct to their website if they want to).

What I should have done

My intention was NOT to inform anyone to change their exchange platform to another. My post was about funds diversification, but instead of being helpful, I suddenly realized that it is more likely directs towards spamming.

It’s like posting a comment on Pepsi's social media gushing about Coca-Cola.

I should have respected their house rules, and I have emailed back and apologized purposely for my mistake.

Both TradingView and Etoro are great platforms, especially for a trader/investment, and I’m grateful to be their client.

This time, I will be smart and read the house rules first before posting anything online.



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