One Act of Random Kindness

2005 was the year I became an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). This means that I have chosen to leave the Philippines to work in the Middle East to financially provide for the needs of my 4 yr old daughter then.

After a few years working in Dubai and working in different companies towards a sustainable career path, I suddenly got terminated in a job all of sudden and I was crying hysterically because my residence visa was connected to my job and not having a job means I will lose my visa which means that I need to go back home jobless and without money. I don’t have money to pay for accommodation either. I was defeated, and I don’t know what to do. All I know is that I have to find a job real fast to change my work visa to another one.

My Indian girlfriend told me one day that I can stay in her place while I look for a job. I was relieved! I told her that I would pay her back once I got a decent job. She told me to use whatever she has at home, including her toiletries, food, etc. To repay for her kindness, I cleaned her house.

After a few weeks of trying, I suddenly got a call from a former colleague of mine, and he was looking for a Sales Manager and immediately hired me right away. However, it means too that I need to leave Dubai to work in Oman. I was in tears about leaving Dubai, but then I don’t want to miss the opportunity of not having a job.

My friend helped me pack my stuff, and I got some money left. I handed the money to my friend and told her that I would pay the other half once I get my salary. She was hesitant to take my money. She told me not to pay for anything.

That year was 2011, and I never forget her. I told her that when I’m blessed, I want to be able to help others, too, just as how she helped me…



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