Rejected Again As An Axie Infinity Scholar?

Here are some tips that may help you improve your application.

Photo by Ryan Snaadt on Unsplash

There may be hundreds of applicants applying for an Axie Infinity scholarship program, and people are somehow confused about why they have been applying for months. Yet, no one is hiring them for a scholarship program.

An Axie Infinity scholar means more than playing a game. It is a turn-based strategy game wherein you should know the game itself and know its rules:

  1. Scholars need to look more into what the Manager is looking for. You have to check their social media page and see what they usually post and what they’re passionate about (unless the Manager’s scholarship program relies heavily on followers and raffle to draw scholarships).
  2. You have to be an active member of the social media site of your Manager. If your Manager sees your comments and interacts with what they post, they’re more likely to know you and engage in conversations. However, suppose you spam their comments with ‘hoping to be your next scholar’ or ‘good day manager’. In that case, this is more likely that the Manager will be turned off with your comments, primarily if the topic posted was not related to their scholarship program.
  3. Provide value to the community even if you’re not a scholar yet by providing services like photography, video editing, streaming, or any tools that may help your future Manager manage their social media pages. Post your passion on social media. If that Manager did not see your value, somehow another Manager will.
  4. You have to know the mechanics game even if you don’t have any experience playing it. There are many social media sites that you can research to know more about the game rules and strategies, and you can also check out youtube gameplay and streams.
  5. When you play the game, you farmed SLP tokens, which rely heavily on the traded value. SLP tokens should not be your primary source of income because of the cryptocurrency’s volatility. (yes, somehow, SLP value can turn into a zero value but hopefully not.). The scholarship program is not an ordinary job that has a specified salary every month.
  6. Self-pity is not an option unless the Manager is running a charitable organization.
  7. When an opportunity comes, strive to do your best. If you were given a link to answer questions, do not answer with just one word. Think about the question, then reply with as much as you know.
  8. Rejection does not mean that you are not a good candidate. Somehow your Manager has seen another candidate that is better and more capable of being a scholar. Use this rejection as a learning tool for you to be better next time.

I hope these tips will land you a scholarship soon. Good luck and Godbless.



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